Inspiration for my paintings comes from nature, an unspoiled one.  Ideas for a new work can be observations, photographs or memories.  

I observe forms, colors and compositions. I focus on the essential, the details disappear.  While working in the studio, impressions and atmospheres from the outside blend with new sensations and remembrances.  The finished painting borders between abstraction and representation.

I paint on canvas with acrylic paint.  This technique enables to work in a spontaneous and dynamic way. 

My newer landscape paintings have become more minimalist. They are free and simpler, both in composition and colors.  Some are almost monochrome.  Sometimes the visible is presented in a foggy atmosphere as if on the verge of disappearing.  Some almost white paintings only show a hint of color when viewed very carefully; the landscape reveals itself gradually.  I paint wide, nameless landscapes.  Often, the only clue to the subject „landscape“ is the horizon, the visual line where earth and sky meet, or separate, a line loaded with mystery.  

Beside landscapes, I also paint flower compositions, another aspect of nature that fascinates me.  Also the flowers are not painted in a naturalistic way.  They are mostly only hinted at. Recently, the flower paintings have become even more vague.  The flowers are much more to guess at, to imagine.

I like the idea of my paintings communicating an overall feeling of nature, peace and stillness.  But I would also like to give the viewer space for his or her own interpretation.


„The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak“, Hans Hoffmann